Skintight Santa Costume




I can’t wait for the skintight Krampus costume.


Nah, a real Krampus has lots of fur.
But the outfit does remind me of a couple of parties.


“This is a ho-ho-holdup!”


Merry Christmas, children!

/gets dragged by police officers.


Santa Gimp!


Nice package, Santa.


I assume Santa can see through that mask. Otherwise he’s going to wreck his sleigh.


“Santa, I didn’t know you were Jewish!”


Or the skin-tight Jabba the Hutt costume.


I was more concerned about breathing through it.


He certainly has got himself in shape.


I was Rorschach from The Watchmen one Halloween. The mask was made from a double-layered stocking. Breathing wasn’t a problem. Bumping into things, on the other hand…


Santa has been working out I see. I imagine it would be a lot harder to sell this if someone with the correct body shape for Santa was wearing it.


You should see it without the “dance belt”.


It’s as if Mario Bava had re-made Black Christmas!


For the most authentically Santa-like effect, put a 350-pound dude in it.


Umm, I can see your Christmas stocking…


At least they do a better job hiding Santa’s privates than they did with Darth. That’s circumcised, right?


I want to actually SEE that.