Her Universe will start publishing science fiction novels

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Didn’t somebody just post about this?

I wish her luck with the books, but I hope she puts some effort into better clothing offerings.




Speaking of better efforts we can hope for… how is your clothing shop and fledgling publishing empire working out, you obvious peer of this person featured on BoingBoing?

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That’s not my area of speciality. My problem is that I do look for clothes to buy (for those rare times I can afford to buy any, I usually settle for finding some). I discovered the heruniverse site a few weeks ago and was a bit disappointed that as a nerd, I didn’t find even a single thing I would consider wearing.

I think that media publishing companies are obsolete. It seems easier and better to self-publish.

Well, I was a prospective customer, and now I’m not. Perhaps I should be less critical and suck up everything I am presented like a giant sponge. Do you think it would be more respectful for me to email Eckstein and ask her whether or not she thinks it would be more respectful for me to express any opinions about what is posted about them here, or to be quiet?

Do you intend to hold all participants here to the same exacting standards as you do for me, or are you singling me out for special treatment?

Love it!


Many non-pompous people withhold their commentary on the success of others to fields in which they DO specialize.

come on man. No you don’t.

Stop pissing on peoples legs and telling them it is raining.

the former. Ask around. Nothing special about your schtick.

Only one person here thinks anyone here is singular. We’re all redshirts. Act like one.

I think you’ve limited the possible universe of what you could do to the rude thing you did do, or this other inconceivably weird thing you would like to believe I could even conceive of.

Nobody but you lives in a universe where those are your two only options.

Sometimes popo, I think the thing you see in me is your very own reflection my increasingly glazed over eyes.

Like I’ve said, 80% of what you add here is pretty smart. But a fair percentage is the popo show, and man, that is not nearly as interesting or community enhancing as the popo one liner.

Brevity is the soul of wit.

In this thread, I jumped onyou beceasue really, you negged the host and the topic, while putting yourelf up one. And really man, just go find a phone booth for that.


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