Here are 10 ways to pamper your dog the right way...and maybe even learn something

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As a portrait photographer who has done two boos of pets and their people, I am sad that only ‘stuff’ showed up in this list.
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A little self-promotion just for fun



The “doggie Doorbell” is a little bit tempting… But since my office is by the French Windows I’m official and unofficial doorman for exits and entrances. The auld dog just stands there till I get the message. The younger dog yelps to make the position plain. I can’t imagine the cat would be prepared to use the “Doggie Doorbell” either… And the kicker is the auld dog Blake, who just likes to stand on the drive. “You want me to come in? But… Why?”.
As for grooming, my wife swears by “the furminator”. Lucky me. I get to pick up the enormous pile of fur and put it in the bin.

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