Here are 15 apps that will make your laptop The Mac That Was Promised

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make your laptop The Mac That Was Promised


There’s some cool programs in here that will add new features to be sure, but none of the features here are features that Apple promised and didn’t deliver on.

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I dunno about this Mac stuff, but the equivalent software on PC is almost all free.

Perhaps they know that Mac users will pay where PC users are unwilling or unable?

Yeah the reason is we’re stupid apple drones. There is absolutely no reason to buy a Mac … apart from the ease of use, good service and support, build quality …


Foolish Mac Developers, they’re only slowing the singularity by making it too rewarding for human operators to curate and process data. Reseat 28 global nations’ Executives? Is this iOS? Oh, I’ll accept that Mechanical Turk job… [30 years pass] Well nuts, forgot to use Last one’s done, though. Got a good feeling about the people’s Mugabe.

Well, by way of rebuttal, I’d like to cite every show that (it so happens) recapitulates the Alien v. autoloader scene featuring sandals on the heroine instead of boots. Well, let’s narrow it to just Spring 2017 then… I meant to watch some, honest. It should be in some rejoinder to the Apple ad for having fewer security vulns too. In any case web services make the same thing true of either, so…it does pack some craft into the delivery of tools like dd and Maple.


One of the previous times this came up, the inclusion of a Blu-Ray player struck me as novel, since last time I checked there was still no free software with Blu-Ray menu support. Movies will play, but you have to fumble around blindly for the right chapter. Those that do support Blu-Ray tend to be surprisingly expensive.

But then, how often would you find a Blu-Ray drive on a Macintosh these days?

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Every 5 years I buy a new one, for about a grand. I’ve never lost a minute to haxxorz and i’ve never lost data. Time machine made swaps a transparent process, and iCloud made off-site backup a checkbox.

If playing with the innards of electronics or life on the command line were my hobbies, these would be fiercely disappointing machines, eh?

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CivV is part of a pay what you want bundle?

“First One’s Free”… where have I heard that before…

VLC is free and can play bluerays but I prefer to rip them to x.265 mkv files including chapter data and subtitles. I use an external usb3 bd drive.

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Seems that game is part of every shovelware bundle.

Flame on, if that is your prerogative. But my post could have been interpreted as a dig against both Mac and PC platforms (more the latter, really). Or one could read it as a statement about the dynamics of two different ecosystems and not continue the flamewar.

ETA: @Flossaluzitarin whatever the heck you think I was getting at…

Or any optical drive…

Well, that’s the thing. Almost all free. Software bundles are designed to contain a “must buy”, a couple of “maybes”, and a a few “I bought it, might as well see if it works”. The rest are filler. Despite the ad copy, it’s rarely worth $600. Ocassionally it’s worth more than the bundle price.

Although I own a mac, this doesn’t contain a “must buy” for me. Well, maybe Civ V, but there is a Steam Summer Sale.

The biggest draw, for a mac user might be Crossover. The various WINE distributions (though free) are a bit flaky, and paid support might be handy. But I have bootcamp, and so have not looked into this for a long while.

I would have to buy a drive to use the bluray player, and the windows player might be on better legal footing…

If it was meant for windows, it would probably contain a different mix of software.

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Currently on a 2011 27" iMac, last of the iMacs with a optical drive built in.

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I mean, someone’s at an auction house right now trying to offer their period Apple never-marketed add-on to the toaster iMac that offered triple VHS mechanisms and digitization. But just plugging in an external optical drive is doable.

Er, I mean, nice to see someone keeping the Pure Land school of Appleism going.

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You may have made the mistake of taking the emerging AI literally. I am sure it is a compliment.

Got that covered as well with a Firewire optical drive (hanging off a firewire hub)

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