Here are full-ride videos of Disney's Rise of the Resistance ride

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Can you think of other rides that hide multiple lines like a turducken of waiting?

There’s a number of examples at Disneyland, let alone the portfolio of Disney Imagineering. Though Resistance adds more briefing room experiences than any other attraction.

Once the show starts (in this case the BB-8 & Ray briefing room), there’s enough activity and visual storytelling to make it apart of the experience. I’d much rather have a wait in an active show building environment than in a basic queue. Let the lines between queue and attraction be blurred.


Pretty sure his movies are going to age better than Song of the South, and that movie got its own themed ride in the late 80s.


and Pirates of the Caribbean got it’s own movie.
And we shan’t talk about The Haunted Mansion.

I’d rather be the guy who had to justify the decision to make two feature films based on “The Haunted Mansion” than the guy who had to justify the decision to make one based on “Country Bears Jamboree.”

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Those are far from the most uncomfortable or embarrassing costumes that cast members have to wear, and I think the general consensus is that it’s always more fun to play a villain than to play a good guy. Haven’t we already had multiple discussions about the awesome evil queen character at Disneyland?


I think people are already pretty meh about Kylo Ren.

So, a full scale Millennium Falcon replica is cool, and the full scale X-wings and Tie-Fighters and whatnot, also cool. But the fact this ride has you transitioning through multiple phases and one of those phases simulates leaving the planet and being tractor beamed aboard a STAR DESTROYER!! that’s just… I don’t think I can fully express or imagine how incredible that level of immersion must be. Cool beyond cool.

Edit: Also the hologram of Rey was a neat effect that really helps build on all the immersion.

I’m mostly impressed about how the First Order cast members have been given lines that seem carefully phrased to sound very threatening, while technically not containing any actual threats.
You always have to do that delicate balance between immersion and liability.

Maybe someone can confirm this. But I have heard that the ‘storm-troopers’ have a voice box, soundboard programmed with set replies, and they launch the replies with hand gestures.

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