First Order officer handles an anti-masker on Disney's 'Rise of the Resistance'

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Anyone else a little queasy about the First Order fascist cosplay?


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The Disney castmemeber acting as part of the ride experience upsets you?


What an amazing way to screw up the happiest place on Earth.

Plus that ride in particular is not easy to get onto. It’s a mad button-mashing dash at 7AM to get a “boarding pass” for a set time of day, with cheers from the winners and groans from the unlucky. Those who get the passes might have to wait until the end of the day to enjoy the experience.

The ride itself is like being immersed in a 15-minute Star Wars film, so this anti-masker idiot really ruined things for everyone.

No. If you go on the ride it’s very clear they’re the villains.

(Well, maybe not for the anti-masker and his ilk.)


It takes at least fifty stormtroopers to hit a single target so the Empire/First Order knows that you can’t let a virus into the ranks and reduce available troopers or else their impressive hit ratio will go even further down.


Not anymore, it’s now using a stand-by line like most other rides. Still a really long wait though, typically well over an hour, so it does suck when someone ruins the experience.


Of all the rides to get upset about the mask requirement, it was the one set in a fantasy universe where a huge portion of the population wears masks as a matter of daily life?


90 min posted was 65 min for me and the youngling.


First Order in Episodes VII-VIII-IX seems to normalize fascism in ways that the Empire and Sith in IV-V-VI did not.

I guess its cause when you see First Order in VII-VIII-IX, its an explicit callback to Nazism: with the red banners, and the Munich style presentations. In IV-V-VI, the Empire/Sith are bad, bad dudes (with literal stormtroopers), but they didnt show Empire political rallies, ffs.

Disney has to monetize this because it’s Disney and it paid $3B for it, but it’s rank.

I guess it’s the derivative gratuitous nature of it that tanks it (for me). As with anything subsequent to IV-V-VI, it’s all about the callbacks. Everything must refer back to IV-V-VI. "You liked the cantina scene in IV: here’s another cantina scene!! You liked Empire fascists, boy, here’s some First Order dudes! But there’s so many more of them! And they look so much nazier! It also has to do with VII-VIII-IX being another steaming pile of LucaShit (not as bad as I-II-III, but that’s the lowest of low bars).


Whaaaaat! starkiller base has a huge nazi rally


does that upset you?

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I have to say, the queue itself was pretty impressive as far as queues go. Lots of neat distractions (armories, droid stations, tactical displays) at different intervals as you make your way through the entrance to the resistance base. That plus the anticipation of everyone in line with you makes you forget how long you’ve been waiting.


Well if they don’t inflate the posted wait times how are they supposed to convince so many people to pay the extra $20 each to skip the line with the new “Genie Plus” service?


I enjoyed it when the rebels blew it up, but then I realized Ilum was now gone and was sad about the difficulty in making new lightsabers.


You know that the Empire and the First Order are both supposed to be irredeemably evil rather than role models, right? They torture people and butcher children and blow up planets and shit. If the filmmakers want to reinforce the connection between that level of evil and fascist political movements then more power to them.


I didn’t mind that. It made the connection to fascism more clear. These aren’t just bad, bad dudes but fascist bad, bad dudes. Just like the villains in the Indiana Jones movies. Just like the Nazis in countless movies that until recently could be counted on to be recognised by the general public as the baddies (because, you know, the skulls, Hans).

I’d be more uncomfortable if they had cast members playing Wehrmacht or SS officers on the Indiana Jones ride, but they don’t. Similarly, most comicons have a strict ban on actual Nazi cosplay but allow Empire/First Order costumes. Science-fantasy fascists in a galaxy far, far away didn’t start actual wars or perpetrate actual genocides a long time ago.

I’m sure there were a few contractors left on Starkiller Base too, although they knew the risks when they took the job.


What a lost chance to wear a mask and loudly breathe in and out!


I always like to imagine that Obi Wan’s “These blast-points… Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.” is just the grumpy old Jedi being sarcastic.

Vader [sarcastically] “Oh, thanks, kid. I’m immunocompromised. Thanks for taking my mask off and breathing all over me.”


I’m sure that my bladder would remind me :persevere:


Ever seen Star Wars?