Here are important questions that won't be asked at Wednesday's GOP Presidential debate

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Hey. It’s possible that other candidates who will lose haven’t entered the race yet. Don’t sell them short.


Here’s another:



As someone who’s has a difficult time ever conceiving of the notion of voting republican, is there any real benefit to watching the republican debates? I tend to ignore them for my own mental health.


Perhaps they should call “The Debate for People Who Want to be Trump’s Running Mate” (plus Chris Christie).


I don’t expect any of these questions to be asked by the oh-so-polite and civil (at least to Republicans) Faux News hosts of this debate. Including the one about the media being “the enemy of the people”.


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Me, I figure that anything I need to know will be in summaries afterwards.


“Questions, how do they work?” -the gQp


They ought to just call this what it is, The Vice President and Cabinet Members Debate.


Maybe in a “know thine enemy” sense so we aren’t caught off guard with their next batshit culture war issue. Beyond that, probably not.


None of the people in the debate should kid themselves, that’s never going to happen. TFG isn’t going to pick anyone who challenges him at anything to be the VP or in the Cabinet. The fact that they ran against him at all is disloyal. He’s not going to pick someone disloyal to work with.

They may be trying to not lose MAGA support, but to TFG they’re all the same as Christie.


Absolutely. All in all there were about 20 Republicans of varying prominence running for the nomination in 2016, many of whom were much better-known than Mike Pence. If Trump didn’t go with a former rival in 2016 then he definitely isn’t going to do it now.

Even if they don’t say a word against TFG, their mere presence on the stage says “I think you should vote for me instead of Trump.” That’s a slight he won’t forget.


There were two Presidential candidates from 2016 who ended up in Trump’s cabinet, but I think it still proves your point. One was Rick Perry, who dropped out of the race even before the first primary, so didn’t earn the disloyal tag. The other was Ben Carson, who probably ended up in Trump’s cabinet just so Trump could say, “See? I’m not racist.” Also, Carson never had a chance anyway and dropped out fairly early.


I would probably shorten the question to Pence to “These people wanted to hang you! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?”


I mostly watch so I say “I saw the fly on the head LIVE!” or “Man, did you see Ted Cruz eat that booger!?” before it goes viral. It’s kinda like watching the Janet Jackson/Timberlake Superbowl. Yeah, you can watch it on the news later but you’ll know what’s coming and it diminishes the fun.

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EDI: I had to include the gif. And, I think it was a tonsillolith which is 100x grosser than a booger.


No, you really didn’t.

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Or is the idea that if Border Patrol agents find fentanyl on someone after detaining and searching them along the border, they’d have the power to shoot that person?

Yes, exactly this line of questioning.

“Would your plan mean that a border patrol agent could discover fentanyl in a backpack, pull that person aside into a room, and shoot them? Would it be true that agents could corral a few of these criminals in a room and ‘save them up’ during a shift to shoot them later, before they leave work, to save time and make cleaning up more efficient?”

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Well, based on this summary it sounds like it was a shit show


Duh. The plan is to have Border Patrol identify people carrying fentanyl while they are still on the Mexican side of the border, because everyone knows Team Police That Agree With Us has psychic powers and “knows” things like that, and then shoot them from the US so Mexico has to pay to clean it up or something.

Vote for me, Generic Panderer (R). I’ll hate who you hate.


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