GOP candidate Trump renews attacks on Megyn Kelly

Jezebel reports that popular GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, wants Megyn Kelly disqualified from moderating the next GOP debate on Jan. 28th.

Ever since Megyn Kelly questioned Donald Trump’s treatment of women in the first Republican debate, he’s been on a mission to discredit the Fox News host. Trump remains upset over a series of relatively tame questions from the August primary debate. “You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals,” Kelly said to Trump as she asked him about his history of belittling women. At the time, Trump countered that he only called Rosie O’Donnell those names, a comment that earned applause and laughter from the audience.

Yet Trump has managed to demonstrate that Kelly’s line of questioning wasn’t exactly inaccurate. Ever since that debate, he’s focused on Kelly’s career and character; from tweets analyzing her show to comments about “blood coming out of her wherever,” and retweeting supporters calling her a “bimbo.” It’s been a standard Trump approach to discrediting a perceived opponent. And Trump is quite likely the only person who could position Kelly, and Fox News, as great feminist crusaders.

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Really? Even Fox News has too many women journalists for the most popular GOP candidate to tolerate?

And who else in the GOP has spoken up clearly for First Amendment freedom of the press to … what? Ask presidential candidates questions?

At the risk of stating the obvious… anyone elected to the Presidency is going to have to deal with many different types of people. They won’t all see things his way. If Trump is unwilling to deal with someone he doesn’t like during the debates, before the first primary vote, how the heck is he going to function if elected? It’s not like he can refuse to deal with a foreign ambassador or such because they won’t be the toadying kiss-up he expects everyone around him to be…

Oh wait. I forgot. He’s the Trumpster. He’s the best thing ever, he’s yuuuuge, everyone else just needs to get in line and follow his lead.


For me, you’ve nailed the scariest question. :scream:

That cat is awesome and … Dark Willow … also awesome. :smiley_cat:

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Reported this morning: Upset Over Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump Says He May Skip Debate


Aw shucks, ‘tweren’t nothin’. :flushed: Just got tired of the generic avatar and felt like changing it, even though I lurk far more than I post. And the cat gif… shaking my head/facepalming is the nicest reaction I tend to have when the Orange One opens his mouth.

Also glad you responded. I was wondering if I broke the thread?

Seriously though. I can’t speak to Megyn Kelly’s journalistic credentials. (Even if I had cable I don’t think I’d be watching FOX news for anything.) But despite that… I feel if you have any serious intention to be elected, to serve the public, you need to participate in debates. You need to let the public know where you stand so they know why they should vote for you. Trump doesn’t seem to care. He wants it all his-way-or-nothing. That’s not how it works and doesn’t speak well to any ability of his to serve. It also gives him yet another opportunity to demonize his perceived opponents (proving Kelly’s point) and to act like a jackass.

But what do I know… I’m voting for Bernie. :grinning:


That was my bad. Sorry. Work.

You’re right on with this. The GOP frontrunner is single-handedly rebranding the GOP as hostile to women. Are there any women as willing as Megyn Kelly willing to be codependent with the GOP about their dry-drunk economic policies?

No! :smiley_cat: She must’ve been the very last one.


As a journalist, I’d wager she barely avoids the ‘hack’ category. But as a propagandist, she’s elite. She has just the right look and personal style to bring maximum credibility to Fox’s firehose of bullshit. If Trump’s vendetta with her is the result of a considered decision, I’m tipping it wasn’t an easy call. In fact, it makes me doubt Scott Adams’ ‘clown genius’ theory…

But maybe she’s less popular with Trump’s constituency than I imagine.


He’s pulling out though there’s speculation he may want to avoid risk of attacks by Cruz without enough chance of benefit.

The incomparable Kaili Joy Gray says Ted Cruz Double-Dog Dares Donald Trump To Meet Him Behind The Gym At Recess


FiveThirtyEight thinks Trump’s feud with Fox may be another sign of GOP fail.

Fox News is easily included as part of the GOP — not just as a sympathetic news outlet, but as a member of the party coalition. So we have a situation where the Republican Party’s polling front-runner is openly feuding with its biggest media outlet. This is not how parties are supposed to work according to many political scientists.

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Oh noes!!1 The deadly blancmange! It’s oozing right for us!


That brand was already well established.


Yes, this is like some kind of “all crunchberries” promotion.

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Waah, waah, there’s a girl in our clubhouse.


I can’t get the tag “[video]” to work and I can’t quickly find a decent copy on youtube. I’m reminded of this:

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