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The foam roller is a good value over the typical cost of these things in exercise stores (~$30). But you should really instead buy one from an arts and crafts store for $5–they are harder, which is slightly more painful. But the pain means you’re getting a better stretch.

It’s also not clear to me why the vinegar costs $30, when compared to something similar available for $7.


You’re right. I should start a thread for my own useful, but thrifty picks.


Aw, c’mon, Mark, Cory, etc., have posted similar things before and it’s been relatively uncontroversial to have users share their own picks.


Well, hopefully, someone can supply a constructive answer to what’s better about $30 vinegar.

If there’s an answer other than “because Xeni likes it,” I’d love to know, too. If it’s, I don’t know, hand-crafted vinegar made in a traditional way and because of that superior in some way, that’d be an interesting thing.


5 gallons of 99% acetic acid for $130! That would come out to about $9 a gallon diluted to 30%.


The vinegar you link is 6% vinegar
The one Xeni likes is 30%
30% > 6%


There’s still cheaper options available at 30% acidity:


Unrelated: Whoah, I haven’t seen a photo of Xeni in a while. Glad to see she’s looking good!


“I don’t like to give money to big chemical companies, which is why I use 30% vinegar instead.”
“Who makes the vinegar?”
“Dow Corning!”


I use Oral-B electric toothbrushes, but their design is not sustainable. When the battery stops taking a charge it is nearly impossible to replace it, as they are hard-wired in the handle with super-thin delicate wires routed circuitously through a plastic framework. I’m sure this is intentional to discourage the replacement, which is despicable design.


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