Here are some weird and useful Amazon Prime Day deals we like

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The Wirecutter
We weren’t able to find any credible reports of actual, real-world RFID identity or credit card theft. It may be happening—it would be very hard to precisely identify if it were—but it’s certainly not widespread.

Caveat emptor.


I would be concerned about RFID passports more than credit cards. (For some measure of more)

Some reviewers are unimpressed with the RFID wallet:

ByD. Bookeron June 15, 2017
Verified Purchase
I happen to work for a major semiconductor company which specializes in manufacturing RF products. This wallet provides No protection from RFID. I tried it out after receiving the wallet and I could read/pick up any RF card within my wallet with a RFID reader. It is a comfortable wallet, but very disappointing…

ByBuddyon July 13, 2016
Verified Purchase
Was able to read all my cards from our IT departments RFID reader. Product either defective or description is misleading due to 99.9% of users can’t test this product

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I saw this and thought it was for a, um, medical purpose:

Also they have this, which is the best thing you’ll ever buy, I swear:


I suppose, when they say the Fire comes “with special offers” they mean they inject ads into it? I wonder how annoying that actually is…

Wait, it’s obviously for recreational DIY colonoscopies. What else could it be for?

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I need more sh*t.

Anyone know where I can purchase more sh*t?!

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Maybe they inject the ads into the kindle books.

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[quote=“Shuck, post:6, topic:104337”]
I suppose, when they say the Fire comes “with special offers” they mean they inject ads into it?[/quote]
Not too bad, actually, they’re only on when the tablet is suspended, so you rarely notice them.


Mermaid Tail blanket is currently 51% off

And bottle opener + bottle cap shooter is 46% off

Now going through my book wishlist. I actually bought this book last year at a bookstore but this price is pretty good for a paperback. Seems like it’s not free shipping but at 3.99 shipping the book price is still not bad.Shame the other books in this series arent as cheap, still need to get those.

There’s also this, which also has a 3.99 shipping but total price isnt bad

There’s more books with decent price drops but i don’t want to spam the chat

Well these were a Prime deal yesterday:
Oh wait, those are for getting rid of shit.

If it’s like the discounted Kindles “with special offers”, they display ads for Kindle books when the thing’s in sleep mode. When it’s unlocked for use there’s no ads while reading.

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Well, there’s the poo float for the pool but that sh*t’s expensive.

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