Cool canes, hot probes, RFID blocking wallets, and double-stuff smartphone chargers


The MP3 link seemingly pulls up episode 8 rather than 9. Learned this when trying to find a way to fix the volume from the interface :slight_smile:

not cheap but one of the local stores carries

I don’t have one but one of the supposed features is that when your cards are only partially out they cannot be read - opposed to the all or nothing of the one in the podcast. From the comments in the podcast I assume that the RFID chips on every financial card known has not made its way to the states yet.

The wine app looks more useful than the one i have been using but Vivino rather than doing a bar code scan does a image comparison to their database after you take a picture of the label. ( the one bar code scanner based wine app i tried before failed on a number of wines)

That wallet is terrible. It will only hold 5 cards, and even with 5 will pop open at the slightest jar

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