Here are the bizarre food rules, norms, and practices at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion

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‘vigorous’ inspection, or ‘rigorous’?

I’m not sure most eggs would survive a vigorous inspection.


There were always grapefruits in the mansion

Was this to potentiate the drugs they were taking?

a jelly donut from the popular donut chain, Winchell’s

Mmmmmm, Winchell’s.


I skimmed the article. It sure seems a lot more complicated than necessary, that’s for sure…
Half a grapefruit is also a favorite of mine for breakfast.

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From what I’ve read, in later years the place was a truly disgusting dump with cat and dog piss from the various residents’ pets soaked into the carpets and lots of broken fixtures, peeling paint, unrepaired damage, etc. I don’t even want to think about the food in a place like that.


That is precisely why the medications I take on an ongoing basis warn me not to eat grapefruit - too much of positively acting medications can end up being bad for you. Read the leaflets in the pack, people!


Any mention of hand-washing? No?


They weren’t just forbidden to drink alcohol while on the clock — soft drinks, lemonade, and even water were verboten. If a Playboy Bunny was in view of any guests or key-holders at the club, they had to go without. They had to go behind the scenes to even get a sip of water, lest they ruin the mystique by staying hydrated.


I’m just here for the AI-generated “food porn” (which, in this context…) used to illustrate the article. Is there an “uncanny valley” for food?


I miss grapefruit juice…


I met two people that had visited the mansion and both described it as gross, both in smell and the vibe. Both worked as camera people. To my memory the grotto was mentioned by both, as it was a tour highlight. One of them made some quips and I think she was talked to about it before she got to work. (She was also fired from Disney for being… spirted and not 100% Disney.)

The Playboy Mansion might sound like a free-for-all adult playground, but there were strict rules in place for the women who lived there. Most notably, they had a hard 9 p.m. curfew, Crystal Harris told Entertainment Tonight. That meant no late night partying, sleepovers away from the mansion, or late night fast food runs. “I just felt my world just kind of closing in on me. And that’s when I just started realizing it wasn’t for me,” Harris said. “And with Hef, it’s Hef’s way, you know, or no way.”

It really reads more like a cult, a cult with grapefruit, but a cult that was designed to control and isolate those that were invited into staying. I get the food rules, but I sort of thought a BoingBoing article would focus on the control aspect of the food and “norms” at the mansion.


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