Here are the creeps who sell ATM skimmers on Alibaba

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/me counts pennies


Every place I go to that has an “open to public” atm, I steer clear of. The little adhesive tab that is installed to thwart this is ridiculously easy to peel off and replace. Got’a be a better way…


I love how potential buyers are assured of the safety of the purchase transaction.

In a just world, clicking the Purchase button would lead to the buyer’s credit card being drained dry.


Has anybody tried it. The fact that it is easier to put this on a website than to actually manufacture it seems to indicate that a drained CC balance is likely.


I’m picturing ATM machines with slots 4-5 skimmers deep. :slight_smile:


Slightly off topic, but what does the term ‘hot sale’ mean to the Chinese?
My guess is that it is a very common Chinese term that when auto-translated turns into ‘hot sale’.

I used to work in a Western company where ‘hot sale’ referred to sales with very little prior promotion involved, but that doesn’t sound interesting enought for it to be plastered all over Alibaba.

I’ve never bought directly from Alibaba, but I buy on Aliexpress regularly, and think it is just as secure as Amazon. (Which is to say the security is questionable, which is why I use single-use credit cards…for both.)

This comes to mind


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