Here are the many amusing ways people wait for the anxiety-provoking microwave beep

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Sometimes i just let it run for a minute, and then let it beep and do the reminder beeps so I feel wanted/needed…


here at work we have two not very new or fancy microwaves of different brands whose beeps just happen to have ever-so-slightly different pitches. When they happen to beep at the same time it’s a special kind of feeling.


Oh great, now I need to get a Furby Something and circuit bend it to stand in for beeps. Or blow $7-13 on an Arduino successor and something with extra bass and dub in frustrated puppy noises.


You know that “life hack” of microwaving your dishwashing sponge for a minute periodically to kill bacteria?

The difference between 1:00 and 10:00 is between making the sponge very hot and calling the fire department because your microwave burst into flames…


Why not just have a standing Furby? “Look it’s standing, warmed over fried fish is done”.

I don’t know what a Furby is.

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I try to press stop so either the display shows 0:00 but the beeper doesn’t go off, or the beeper starts but the display is still showing 0:01. Or other disagreements between the clock and the spinny motor, lights, etc.

I’ve never succeeded. ~40 years of trying, dozens of microwaves, hundreds of attempts. Yet I keep trying.

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I had a microwave oven that beeped SEVEN FUCKING TIMES when done, EVEN IF YOU OPENED THE DOOR AT THE FIRST BEEP it would KEEP FUCKING BEEPING!! Also it was red. I no longer have a microwave oven.

Someone at work keeps taking their food out with SEVERAL SECONDS LEFT on the timer AND LEAVING IT LIKE THAT. What kind of FUCKING MONSTER does that?!?


One time put some TJs orange chicken sauce in a bowl and put it in the microwave so it was out of the way while the chicken cooked. I thought I had set the timer function to 20 min but had in fact turned on the microwave.

It took a while for the smoke to dissipate and dear wife had to use some steel wool to recover use of the bowl.

Our chicken was a bit bland that evening. But she got a story to tell.

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You’re just saying it wrong.

Better now?

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Ooh, yeah, that’ll do it.

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