Here is a happy dog on a trampoline


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Hey @beschizza, if I use the entry point this video takes up the whole enter screen, hiding the content under it. If I scroll down it shows the rest of the posts, but I can’t seem to make the video go away.

On a Mac on Fiya Fawx.


Same with me on a Windows 10 laptop. What have you done, Bob!!!


It’s also crashing the page on my phone.


The dog is boinging ok with Firefox/win7.

Thank you for the loop.


Cute, but I’m a long-time dachshund owner, and know all too well how sensitive they are to back injuries (they’re both physically and genetically predisposed for things like disk ruptures, degeneration, etc.). So the trampoline bit made me immediately cringe.

Do you want dachshund back problems? Because this is how we get dachshund back problems.


I am having the same problem. The /blog view has a full window video covering the top half of the page.

Also annoying is any entry that has an embedded video has a horizontal scrollbar when viewed in Chrome.


Is there no tiny bit of joy left anywhere in the world that is still safe from made-up concern trolling? Can’t we just enjoy a bit of 3D rendered fun without thrusting upon it a pile of baggage that doesn’t actually apply to, you know, a 3D rendered movie made without any actual Dachshunds?


That loop was just the Friday lunchtime lift I needed. Thanks!


But they used real dogs to track the movements. They had to shave them so that those ping pong ball things would stick.


Can we put Neil Gaiman on a trampoline instead? I don’t think he’s prone to back problems like these little puppers.


They are prone to back problems. That’s not made up at all.

But animated puppers, not so much…


It’s made-up when applied to 3D rendered Dachshunds. Full stop. And for the record, I own a Dachshund (mix) and am well aware of their back issues.


No cats? No cats? I thought this was the internet, where are the cats?


Also coming up full across my screen on my android, my ios and my firefox macos. It’s basically screening blocking for the top of the /blog page.

Otherwise: very fun! Glad for CGI doxie as even my doxie-cross would be in peril to do this.


I thought he (or she) was real for the first 2/3 of the video. That is one fabulous animation.


No jumpoline jokes?


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