Here is Richard McGuire's epic of time


Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia delves into similar territory. See it if you get the chance. Possibly the best play I’ve ever seen.

Due to the neighborhood I live in, I think about this type of stuff sometimes. It’s one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods: big Victorian houses, hexagonal concrete sidewalk tiles, big-ass marble blocks still in front of some of the curb-sides (to step-down from your carriage, natch.) The creek that runs through the park across the street formed the front line of the Battle of Atlanta. The Confederates marched due East out of what was then the city limits and were met here by the Union due to the creek being the low ground, I guess. Later, Edgewood av would bisect that creek and then the city’s first trolley line would run on it. The high ground, maybe 1/4 of a mile away, has a steep hill facing me where the Union cannon rained down on the battlefield. Now that place is the rear part of the Carter center, a beautiful park-like facility where my buddy goes fishing and President Carter and his organization wage peace. My cheap-assed apartment building was built to house men returning home from WW2 while they re-integrated into society. I’m assuming shenanigans were involved, somehow. The guy who lived here before me was a weed dealer. The woman before him was nuts, from what I hear.

I reckon my apartment would be an excellent place to sight-see through time.

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