Here is the world's first battery-operated portable microwave oven

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Makita for the win. Makes me makes me wish I hadn’t gone with the DeWalt for my rechargeable electric tools.


just ask anyone nearby if they have a pacemaker before firing it up

It’s here! The revolutionary product no one has been waiting for!!!

Could one even joke about battery powered anything being released by makita/dewalt anymore? Maybe an electric pickup with the entire bed being full of battery sockets? Or a battery powered arc welder?

Wouldn’t you be better off buying a high capacity battery and a decent inverter? Than you could run lots of different appliances on it.

A while back, there was a cool post on Hackaday about someone who made a spot welder powered by a coin cell. It used a joule thief circuit and 24 hours to drain the battery into a supercapacitor, after which you could do a single weld.

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There’s batteries for sale now with inverters built in, even. My guess is that this is largely a novelty product, like their coffee machine.

The Makita Kettle is apparently popular on construction sites in Australia / New Zealand.

I could see some use-case for the microwave on a construction site, but yeah probably no point if one buys “a steak & cheese pie, a cream donut and a bottle of V” for lunch, so probably just like the coffee maker.

May 2008:

The WaveBox is described by its makers as the world’s first portable microwave, and runs off a standard 12-volt power socket or by connection to a 12V battery.

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