Here is what Trump's SCOTUS picks said about Roe V. Wade before they became justices

Not to mention James Comey not only directly attacked her campaign outside the role of his office once, but twice: his speech saying she was being cleared of all charges literally implied that she was guilty of wrongdoing but that she wasn’t being tried in court for it stoking a massive wave of political unrest in the media in the summer, and his letter had a literal measurable effect that was likely the direct difference in her losing the election. I don’t really understand the relitigating of 2016 when there is literally a single person that is indefensible and only looks worse the further away from 2016 we get but somehow never gets pointed at.

Should I also bring up that Comey also gave speeches saying police were being more violent because the civil unrest in response to Ferguson in 2015? The guy was a power-tripping asshole not fit for the office who claimed to be apolitical, and yet only benefited a further slide into authoritarianism without benefiting anything else politically making his principles a lie.


Im sure Trump would think Rowe v. Wade was one of the classic NBA rivalries, like Bird v. Magic


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