Here’s how astronauts vote from space


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“Sensibly”, I hope.


Say hows that voting going on in NC must be easy there b/c it’s on Earth and whatnot oh wait:


Could they simulate waiting in line for an hour, so the astronauts get the complete experience?


They should set laser detecting arrays on the earth, and then shine a laser down from the station on who they want to vote for.


Or de-orbit a pile of space poo on to the candidate they don’t want to vote for?


They even have a special voting machine on the ISS.


better yet, shine the laser on whoever they don’t want to vote for.


That was strangely unsatisfying. I at least wanted it to involve lasers and nanotubes.


Yes, yes, but how did they vote?


I figured they might send down a paper ballot attached to a plastic figurine and parachute…


How do they know the Cosmonauts aren’t rigging the ballots for Trump? :wink:

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