Here’s what happens when you put a bottle rocket under ice

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Um, don’t you kill a whole bunch of fish from hydrostatic shock, though?


If there are fish, maybe. If it’s a retention pond there might not be anything living in it. If it’s a shallow pond they’ll die anyways when it gets cold enough that all the water freezes solid.

That’s awesome.

There’s substantial die-off of fish in the winter anyway- and depending on the depth of that pond, unless they’re very near the top (which would be very unusual), they’re likely ok.

And the road runner keeps getting away.


My friends and I used to do that with Blooming Flower fireworks – lots of zigzagging color under the ice, but no Big-Bada-Boom.

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Google fireworks toxicity. Yech.

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That’s right kids, playing with fireworks is fun!

Well, they are. Although, should one decide to place a small explosive into the end of an egg before throwing it, the egg should definitely be in the throwing hand prior to lighting the fuse. Or so my friends tell me.

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It’s cool that is stays lit under water. I can confirm that putting rockets underwater can make the explosion a bit more intense. Those childhood dreams of a rocket propelled submarine never really came true…

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