Watch this fellow launch his flaming truck into a lake


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Of course you hold your nose before jumping into a pond/lake. Too many of those brain eating amoebas out there.

Although I think if he got one, the poor little amoeba might starve.

Also - this video needs this added to it:


He just filled a perfectly good pond/creek/river with a bunch of gasoline and heavy metals, maybe partially ruined a small eco-system for a bunch of animals. Looks cool though!


Reason #42 that alien life isn’t visiting Earth - no stories about old flaming spaceships crashed into some human’s house by the ET version of this fellow.




That’s was an ACCIDENT!!!


“F*ck You!!!” - The Fish


Honestly, who gives a flaming truck.


“Fellow,” my ass. That guy’s a full-fledged Gentleman.


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