Man shoots at frozen pond, bullet spins like a top


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Mythbusters replicated this, as have several videos on youtube. Neat. D=


Shooting at ice that you’re standing on? What could possibly go wrong?


THICK ice.

You realize people take axes to go ice fishing, right?


Yeah, but you don’t take an axe to a gunfight.


i agree. the ice may be thick, but surely these are a couple of Darwin Award contenders, right?



this is what, the third time or the fourth time BB has posted this video?


they really really REALLY like it!


My RSS reader presented me with this amusing image when I tapped on this article…

I should certainly hope it doesn’t!


Well I still contend, if the ice is thin enough for a bullet to punch through it, it will just punch a hole through it. Like if you throw a big rock on to the ice.

It wouldn’t turn into a Loony Tunes cartoon where the ice would start cracking all over the place because you made a small hole in the ice. If the ice was TOO thin, your weight would break it before you got out to shoot the ice.


I think they’ve at least linked to DIFFERENT videos of a bullet spinning in ice once or twice.


Hard to tell, all those armed white people look alike to me. :wink:


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