"Here There Be Nerds:" Fan Debates

yes, this is certainly part of it (Kevin Smith, Joss Whedon, tons of people who ended up working on the current Doctor Who run).

Yes, I think that one thing the article does point out is the division between those who collect and those who transform the culture to make something new, traditionally speaking. So, I think you’re showing yet another traditional division, between those who want the technology to make sense and those who are interested in pinning down what something says about us as a society/species at a particular point in time.

I was wondering about that! How could they have NOT known…

Fortunately, I think the fandom is making plenty of Baby Yoda merch of their own…


Anybody want to continue this? :rofl:


When you unravel the assassination plot against Kosh in the pilot, it leads back to another Vorlon (Ulkesh or Koch Vader) on Minbar, as a way of getting their hands on Jeffery Sinclair and getting his mind right for when he goes back as Valen. Obviously they have some pretty extreme factions, we never really get the full story of what the Vorlons and Shadows are all about.

eta: Which is good! Elder alien races should be pretty cryptic. If you explain them too much, the next thing you know, they’ll be serving on Earth Alliance ships and mating with humans. :thinking:


Pretty sure that’s a direct quote from Tucker Carlson describing Antifa and Black Lives Matter :wink:


Considering the source…


They did use Jack the Ripper as their Gom Jabber.



Yeah, i think this is key and something that’s foreshadowed :wink: and explained quite nicely in season one’s Mind War. The younger races of the galaxy are but just ants to them and have no compunction to using them to sow chaos up until the point all the younger races bit back and told them to get the hell out of our galaxy. As for the Vorlons, wasn’t Kosh a bit of an outlier here in that he had a quaint fascination with those funny little corporeal beings and became quite fond of them.


The First One, Lorien said that he thinks he met Kosh once, implying that Kosh has been around a long time. (No wonder the Vorlons have such a “Obey your elders!” chip of their … wings.)


And we got even less detail on the other First Ones.

" ZOG "
" Zog? Zog What? Zog yes, Zog no. What does it mean? "

I think the Walkers were all about deadly Tiki rum drinks, prove me wrong!



We bought a knockoff Lego launchpad kit from China for our Saturn V rocket so you don’t have to


Okay, nerd war:

Best Star Trek Series Title Sequence
  • Original
  • Next Generation
  • Deep Space 9
  • Voyager
  • Enterprise
  • Discovery
  • Picard

0 voters

Madam Mrs The Ratel has a…controversial position. I’m wondering just how.


Is it Enterprise!?!


Very tough one. I could have gone with ST:OS, ST:NG, ST:DS9, or ST:V. I think I ended up going with ST:NG because that’s the series I watched when I was old enough to get it. The Original Series, I was just too young for it to stick. I am surprised there isn’t more love for Voyager or DS9.


Looking at the votes I think people are treating this as a poll on the best series. Personally I don’t think Voyager is the best series but it has the most exciting title sequence.

Similarly Enterprise has a very good title sequence, it’s just not very Star Trek and therefore loses a few points in my book. Edit: The same could probably be said for Picard, actually


I’d vote Lower Decks if it were an option…

I mean, I love TNG… is it just because of Picard’s voice over? Also, I do like the Discovery opening and am surprised no one voted for it (I’m always a DS9 girl).


I love Picard’s voiceover, too. But watching for the Enterprise emerging out of the stars in the opening credits of the OS brings me back to my childhood. We’d watch the reruns and try to pinpoint the exact moment when you could spot it.

I liked the opening visuals of Enterprise, but the vocals… :roll_eyes:


Yeah… it’s… nope. Discovery, though, has a good solid orchestral intro and good visuals, so I was surprised it got no votes, but Enterprise got some.


CBS is showing it and we just started watching it. I’ll be sure to check it out when we watch episodes 2 & 3 tonight.


I nearly picked Next Gen, but that sweet soprano put The Original Series over the top.