Here's a 30-minute documentary about the making of Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

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This instantly jumped right behind Kill Bill for me in the Tarantino lineup. I really loved this flick, and appreciated while it was still very much Tarantino…it was not like other Tarantino films as a whole.

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Upon a Time In Hollywood was long on style very short on substance. Like a bad 60’s TV commercial.

I have spoken.


While it was somewhat different from other Tarantino films, I found it exceedingly boring and lacking a cohesive plot

Yes, the period-ness was interesting and the plot-twist at the end was mildly entertaining; however, I found it to be two hours of boring characters doing nothing interesting followed by 20 mins of over-the-top-typical-Quentin-extreme-violence.

An exercise in movie making masturbation if you ask me.


Jackie Brown still remains my favorite. With the right cast, it is nearly impossible to mess up an Elmore Leonard source. (I am pretty forgiving for “Be Cool”, it did not deserve the hate it got).


A self indulgent inside joke that did not translate well for the rest of us.

Apparently Quentin thinks Bruce Lee was a dick.


He really portrayed him as a bit of a putz.


I haven’t got 30 minutes. How long is the documentary about the making of the documentary about the making of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?


He made Lee look like a dick.

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That’s okay… I think Quentin is a bit of a dick…


It was nice to see Luke Perry in this clip. I haven’t seen the movie yet and didn’t realize he was in it.

I.E. the perfect portrait of hollywood. Including the racism towards bruce lee and the forced ‘happy ending’ with Sharon Tate not dying while ‘in the book’ she does…

It is a loveletter, a critique and a parody at the same time.

I rather liked it.

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