Here's a bar built on a frozen lake in Minnesota

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Well, coming from the Frozen North of Maine, I can assure you, every ice fishing shack is primarily constructed as a bar…


Fargin Ice Hole.


Seems a bit cruel to the minnow. Admittedly, the minnow is going to be food in just a few short seconds but still. We might be top of the food chain but there’s no need to be a dick about it.


Just say no to the “minnow shot.”


Frost Bite Falls is looking good this time of the year.

Do people even eat the minnow?

Epidemiologic Notes and Reports Intestinal Perforation Caused by Larval Eustrongylides

Eustrongylidiasis - a parasitic infection acquired by eating live minnows

Oh wait, I guess they do, for better or for worse.

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Oh my. This is the whitest thing I’ll see all week.


Is it wrong to wonder what the bathroom looks like? Just a hole in the ice too?


Perhaps. but at least we honor their noble sacrifices to the great fishing gods.

"Gallery: A guard armed with an ice fishing pole stands guard outside the Tomb of the Unknown Minnow, by artists Nicholas Maurstad, Angela Maki North and Mike Taus. The mausoleum honors the sacrifices made by minnows throughout the year as bait for Minnesotans fishing for food or sport.


I was thinking a similar thing last week.

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Having grown up in that area, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. Because of course there would be an ice fishing bar on the frozen lake, why wouldn’t there be? If yar’from up there, ya git it.

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Finally, a reason to drink. /s


That sounds unnecessarily cruel.

Is it more cruel to submerse a minnow in booze then devour it alive, than say, piercing the minnow with a fishhook and tossing it into very cold water to be devoured, still alive in some cases, by a larger fish?

I don’t fish either. I’d like to say it’s because I think it’s cruel (which I do), but in reality it’s because I tried it once and it was incredibly boring.

I’m sorta amused that Hillbillies isn’t even the biggest shanty on this lake.

I grew up in the Twin Cities, where the shantys tend to be smaller, but each one likely qualifies as a “bar.” :wink:

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