Here's a beautiful and haunting Joker sculpture

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That’s some great skill on display; and the molding technique was nicely illustrated. I’m not sure that the artist quite caught the true character of the joker, though.


Cesar Romero’s visible moustache makes the 1960’s version of the make-up the most unhinged to me.


As much as I want the Batman movies to leave the Joker alone for about a decade

I’ll see this and raise you “I want Batman movies to leave for at least a decade.” Seriously, at this point I could quite happily go the rest of my life without ever seeing another new Batman movie, animated series, comic book, etc. I don’t think Batman was ever that interesting of a character, and at this point I think anything that could possibly be worth saying about him has already been said, most likely several times over. DC has gone to that well way too many that times. After several attempts, I don’t even try reading DC comics anymore, because I just know at some point someone at DC is going to say “You know what this comic needs? Batman!” and no one’s going to stop them.


I’m sure that there are younger, lass jaded viewers than us, who are very happy to see a “new Batman” just for them. I feel that a big part of disgruntled fandom is people not realizing that they aren’t the target audience any more.

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I’m probably about to get kicked off the internet for being reasonable, but: You could be right. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I got very stroppy when the Star Wars prequels came out; until I remembered that I hadn’t bought a single bit of Star Wars merch for a decade or more. :thinking:

But do younger people even want Batman? Maybe they want their own characters/mythologies? Are they out going to watch umpteen Batman-related movies because that’s what’s available?

There was a huge gap in time between the Adam West Batman and the Tim Burton Batman. We (mostly Gen X) flocked to see the first film because we grew up on the TV series (at least in re-runs in the 70s). So it was for us and some of the younger Boomers who were still kids in the 60s. Do today’s youth even claim Batman as anything of meaning to them?

I mean, why does it have to be Batman?

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Well, I guess that from Warner Brother’s perspective, it has to be Batman, because he is a valuable IP, with marquee recognition.

For me, I’d love to see a return to something more like the silver age sensibility; recognizing the inherent silliness of the Batman concept. The Frank Miller/Mark Millar/Zach Snyder/Nihilist Edgelord take on the subject leaves me completely cold. I enjoyed “Shazam”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Lego Batman” and “Thor” films; so there is still some media in the superhero genre that I can enjoy. I’m not going to begrudge people their enjoyment of films that don’t tickle my fancy.

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