Here's a charming if incomplete list of animals that one man brought home to his wife during their 67-year marriage

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That’s a pretty impressive commitment to rescuing animals, it’s super endearing and heartwarming.


The Really Big Toad reminds me of Houston, an Anaxyrus boreas who once could usually be found near the foundation of my house, but has probably moved on, or passed on, RIP. He was a regular hoss for around here, close to 5" long, named after the Houston toads (Anaxyrus houstonensis) I grew up with.


:notes: …and a partridge in a pear treeee


Stupid, the cat really made my day.


It’s a very charming list, and I’d probably be doing something like that myself if my wife let me. But some of these animal acquisitions were ill-advised. “Rescuing” wildlife is illegal in my neck of the woods, unless you have a permit for that, which implies some professional expertise. For one thing, that “abandoned” deer might actually have its mom somewhere nearby. For another, proper care and feeding of some of these critters is not simple.


Gallus is one of my favorite tumblrers! Here are some of their greatest hits:

Kelpie x Vs Lawn Roomba

Someone in the Fort Collins Area owes me an explanation



Spooky, an alleged dog.

The “completely bald and extremely anxious canary that sang beautifully, but only at 4 AM” sounds like a great random treasure for an RPG.


As a kid, were never allowed proper pets, so we ‘rescued’ every animal we could get our grimy little hands on- snakes, snapping turtles, salamanders, bird eggs. Maybe I didn’t have to grow up after all.


Sweet…but raccoons? Not good.


thanks for sharing!


You’re more than welcome! Glad you enjoy them too!

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A friend had a cat named Stupid. One year I got her a pair of nice pewter personalized pet Christmas ornaments. They were a basset hound with her hound’s name on, and a pretty kitty with STUPID emblazoned across it in fancy script tophat-biggrin

She LOL’d and said she loved 'em :smiley:

Yeah, I need more information on Spooky.

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I’d forgotten about them. So very, very funny. Did their book ever happen? I can’t figure out if it did from the patron link :confused:

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I’m afraid I haven’t a clue re: their book :frowning:

My inquiring mind wants to know more about Spooky too, also!

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omg, the Kelpie x Vs Lawn Roomba had me giggling helplessly. Especially the surprise ending.

A lot of people around here get kelpies, and there are no farms within a 1/2 hour drive. Those dogs are smart and have tons of energy, and you can see the boredom in their poor under-stimulated eyes. Now I know what to tell their frustrated owners. So good!

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It gets me every time I re-read it! Dearest, darlingest Arwen :smiley:

Yeah, some breeds are sooooo much better off when they have a job.

There are schools for herding dogs. A lesson or two a week satisfies many smart herding ees puppers.

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