99-year-old woman wakes to find an exotic "honey bear" sleeping on her chest


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Saw footage of it on tv this morning and it’s so cuddly! It also looked positively scared.

(I still wouldn’t mind having one.)


Yes, but does honey bear give a shit?


If it stays in your bed long enough, it will


99-year-old woman wakes to an exotic “honey bear” sleeping on her chest

99-year-old woman will not receive birthday card from POTUS next month.


I’m not some militant animal rights activist, but is there a good reason to own a honey bear? Why abduct a wild animal from its natural habitat when there are dogs and cats put down every day in animal shelters, or is that not a cool enough “trophy pet” to keep?

Sorry. I’m usually one of the first people to make snarky jokes about weird news stories like this, somehow this bothered me.


What are the chances of all that happening. I can’t imagine a wild animal or even an escaped pet snuggling on a strangers chest.


Is that a thing in the US? I thought it was only England.

That also raises an interesting question: if the Queen gets to be 100, does she get one of those cards?


YES! It IS a thing.

There are a handful of events you can send a written request for a card from the President! It’s just a regular card, but I think the signature is real.

I got my grandparents one for their 50th anniversary. It was Clinton, so they weren’t super thrilled about it, but hey, it was the thought ;o)

Not theirs - but I recall it looked like this. Can’t remember if Hillary signed it too or not.

Send your own request. Oh holy cow, my dad just turned 70. And I couldn’t afford to get him anything nice. Well, I will rectify this!



Spend more time observing lots of animals. Humans are far from the only physically demonstrative social species, even when it comes to cross-species interactions. There’s a whole genre of youtube video/link aggregator blog [AHEM!] subjects with the format “Species X animal, and Species Y animal are friends” with notable sub-genre “Species X animal parents Species Y animal.” Critters are skittish, and scary and other things, yes, but critters are also curious and friendly.

So not surprising that occasionally one surprises us with an unsolicited cuddle. :slightly_smiling:

I know I want to wake up to a cuddly honey-bear! :smiley:


If he doesn’t bite - yes.


The woman, Mrs. Magoo reacted with “aren’t you just the cutest little kitty?”


If those guys have opposable thumbs like sub-primates like lemurs, they would make lousy pets. The last thing you want is a pet capable of opening doors or cabinets and making off with remote controls and car keys.

Its the same reason why monkeys make such terrible pets. You can’t monkey-proof anything.


I have had cats that can open doors, as well as steal car keys, purses, and all sorts of other things. Cat proofing is next to impossible as well.

If cats had opposable thumbs civilization as we know it would be DOOMED!


It was totally sucking out her soul.


I live in California so I assume it’s illegal to own, probably for good reasons. That’s why it means nothing to say you wouldn’t mind having one because you’ll never get one.:wink:
However, Florida allows all kinds of “pets,” whether or not they make good pets (and wild animals certainly do not make good pets).


Yes, from her fans and other world leaders. But I think she ought to send herself one.


It was totally for warmth.

I like to think otherwise, but I know my cat is just using me as a large heating pad.