99-year-old woman wakes to find an exotic "honey bear" sleeping on her chest

You beat me to it. My cat turned on faucets, answered phones, and emptied those 5-gallon ceramic water containers with the plastic spigot. (It appeared that he liked watching the giant bubbles form.) We had to build a cardboard contraption around the spigot to keep him from flooding the place.


Hell, our two kittens are perfectly capable of doing both of those things. It’s like having two toddlers with the ability to jump 4’ vertically.


You beat me to it! My brother-in-law’s mother just turned 100 and got one. I don’t have a pic, though.

I got something along these lines for becoming an Eagle scout.

I’m not convinced Mr. Clinton’s signature wasn’t a stamp, or otherwise printed, though.

(The internet doesn’t seem to have a definitive answer either)

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So the news report for this: http://ktla.com/2016/01/27/florida-woman-wakes-to-find-exotic-animal-caressing-her-face-friend/

The use of language in the report made me cringe. “Terror”, “creepy crawly” and others words meant to scare and frighten whilst showing footage of the adorable (albeit possibly wild) creature.


Why turn a strange but ultimately cute and harmless event into something to subconsciously terrify the masses?

Can nothing be innocent in this day and age?


I also want one as a pet. I know that owning exotic animals captured from the wild is a no no, but it is so darn cute. As you pointed out, want and will get are not the same. :slight_smile:

…on second thought!


Well if I get one for my dad, I will use my USB microscope to see if I can tell it is printed or signed. Though it could be a secretary who signs it.

Maybe a kinkajou is like a nice raccoon, if there it’s such a thing?

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Oh, that crazy ktla. Too crazy for me.

Now, Channel 4’s coverage was sweet, benign. Lots of “awws.”

Or it could be an auto-pen.

Crap- could be!


I love this story like the honey bear loved the lady…



Could’ve been an autopen.

Edit: aww, beaten to the punch by cleveremi

I am sure her mother got one.

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I need one of those. The amount of bits of paper I have to sign is ridiculous (there is a file six inches thick, and it’s added to & amended daily. There is a piece of paper at the front to sign to say you’ve signed all the other bits of paper even. My boss is insane)


Listen, they are not so nice all the time. I got surrounded by a bunch (herd? coven?) of these guys once in South America, begging for my lunch. If I hadn’t tossed some of my sandwich far away, I’m not sure I would have escaped…

Oops - never mind. I was confusing the kinkajou with the coatimundi. It was the latter that mobbed me, near Iguacu Falls.


It was just getting ready to serve her “part of a nutritious breakfast.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj-h0pUMKDU


I was going to say ‘better a honey bear than a honey badger’…


Pretty sure that’s an “Ottsel.”