Here's a colorful set of pseudo-sporks for travel

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I never thought I’d see right-handed sporks. Weird.

Further proof of the ant-lefty conspiracy.


Oh, these things are good. My wife and I have a set we use for traveling, but this is a much better price than we paid. She’s also a lefty and has no trouble using the fork.

I have bought these before, and the brand I tried used a platic that snapped easily during normal use- once the (dull) knife tine snapped off, and once the spine broke in half.

Now we just go to the second hand shop and grab some lightweight mismatched metal silverware on the cheap, then wrap 2 or 3 piece sets in a small cloth napkin. These sets also make for thoughtful gifts for your campin’ buddies!

Travel? You can’t take those things on a plane can you? They’re pointy!

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We’ve had no trouble. My wife sticks a couple in her purse and has never once had a problem.

FWIW, my kids have used the following plastic cutlery set 5 to 6 times a week for over 8 years now with NO breakage (and one of them is supremely hard on things):

TSA-friendly, lightweight, and even has chopsticks (which was important for us).

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