Here's a wistful, intriguing game you need to play this week


So cool! I downloaded the demo for this one weekend, expecting exactly this type of emotional response. I didn’t end up playing it, though, and life moved on.

Time to revisit it!

Anyone can play it. As long as anyone has got something other than a Mac.


Ugh… A game that forces me to relive my parents’ divorce from my best friend’s perspective… Or worse… My own perspective… Does it include a bevy of abusive, alcoholic, substance-addicted father figures and their equally terrifying peers? How about frivolous, gold-digging, self-absorbed, physically/mentally abusive step-mothers? This article is enough to remind me.


I bought this for my wife a couple weeks ago and it won’t load. It comes up to a startup screen, then goes black and crashes. :frowning:

Also available via humble bundle

I saw this on Steam, it looks amazing.

Without seeing the game or knowing much about the plot, I’m thinking it’s leaning-towards the plot of the film TIME LAPSE (2014).

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