Here's a young Jack Black in a 1983 TV ad for Pitfall game


oh, man, Pitfall rocked…


Why does this make me so happy?

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god i loved this game. i remember this commercial, too – crazy to think that it’s jack black, who i generally can’t stand now. (why must he over-emote EVERYTHING??)

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In before Daneel makes a Pithfall joke.

Also, I’m with DP, Pitfall rocked. (as with other Activision games such as River Raid and Star Master)


I liked the first one but that was it. be nice they did it on a phone with better graphics

To this day I can’t swing on a rope without making that Pitfall rope-swingin’ noise in my head. Worst Tarzan impression ever, but so, so evocative.


It was pretty interesting seeing the first 5 mins on the Neverending Story 3 where a young Jack Black is the mean eyebrowed leader of the bullies, but this even younger JB is a great find.

“This game is so fuckin’ awesome it’ll turn your brain to shit man!” - is what I expected. It’s like seeing Capaldi being Dr Who, it feels a bit wrong without the colourful language.

opens TARDIS door
“Come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off.”

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And who could know that the TenaciousD butt baby was only a few years away?
No, I’m not going to provide the link.
I have some ethical standards.

They did, but it’s an “endless runner” thing with not much relation to the original.

It doesn’t bode well for his career that his expressions and diction hasn’t changed one bit in the last 32 years. Only thing that’s changed is the pitch of his voice and his weight.

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now i think i need that as an alert sound on my phone. brb

I decided to look that up on YouTube to see what I missed.

So, so happy I missed it.

Now back to never knowing that any sequels existed.

Considering he turned 14 that year, he wasn’t just young-looking…

Yeah, I remember channel hopping and going “There were… sequels? Meh. Aha! JB! Ooh Diagnosis Murder is on.”
When there’s money to be had it’ll be had, call in the straight-to-video team! It could possibly have been made in an attempt to manoeuvre themselves out of a costly lawsuit;

I’m sort of terrified because half the time I can’t remember where I put my fucking keys or why I walked into a room, and watching this commericial I just discovered that I remember it basically word-for-word.

Now I’m going to go hanker for a hunk of cheese…


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