Here's an awesome samurai scene from The Raid's Gareth Evans

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Awesome cinematic moment when the guy in white realizes that he has to fight her all by his lonesome & he’s likely screwed too, now that was good acting.


Would like to see what Gareth Evans would do with a light saber fight. It’s not just his excellent eye for action, but how that action propels story and character. In just five minutes this movie established a lot.


The Raid is an awesome movie. HBO has it streamable, but only with English or Spanish audio (weak sauce). And Yayan Ruhian (the samurai in White) definitely steals the show. Was tickled to see him in The Force Awakens and Parabellum.


But can you really double-draw 30-inch blades from back scabbards tied into a waist sash? Hint: No. Note the very conveniently timed cut.

That was a fun fight scene, though! I should watch these films.

I don’t always make deadly strikes against my opponent, but when I do I always keep my back turned to them for dramatic effect.


Wow …

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I haven’t seen The Raid or Raid 2, but do they use as much shaky-cam as was in that short film? It really annoys me when directors use shaky-cam to cover up mediocre fight choreography.

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