Here's how the Ip Man movies can help James Gunn write Superman

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Does this… does this mean we could get Donnie Yen playing like Brainiac or something like that? Because… Yeah.


IP man was both ridiculous and a great movie series. I really liked it.

So with Superman… you know, I think I’d really start with more down to earth problems, muggings, bank robberies, etc. At least for the first movie. It worked in the comics, TV, Radio, and the first Christopher Reeves movie. I mean, as a kid this all worked for me. I know as I got older I do think I got less interested in Superman due to him being too powerful (then again, I like Green Lantern because I thought he could take on Superman, no problem.)

Have the peril be with Lois facing death, and the conflict is rescuing her with out her getting hurt.

Yes, I know that falls into the damsel in distress trope, but the reason for it would be to expose Superman’s weakness being his emotions and people he cares about getting hurt.It is a humanizing trait that shows “your god can bleed”.

Anyway - I wish Gunn all the luck. Really like what he did with Guardians of the Galaxy. Having an overarching plan where things tie together is what they should have done in the first place.

Also - i suggest: pull from the comics! Is there a celebrated run, pull from it! It worked the first time, it will work again.


Just let Donnie Yen portray Superman and be done with it, he is perfect for the role.

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