Here's how The Rock responded to a high school girl's invitation to her prom


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You know when we hear some “shocking revelation” about Dwayne Johnson, I really want it to be that he is just as nice as he seems. I suppose it would have been creepy for him to ask for pics of the Haloween costume.


The way she flashed her hand, she was wearing the costume.


Full video of Rock’s announcment at the school:

Sure, its a marketing situation and sure the bill for this is covered by the film’s publicity budget, but Rock carries it off so effortlessly and transparently, it seems to work. In a different situation, I could see him doing something nice for a fan (albeit probably not in the $5k range of this particular gift).


While he’s not the coolest former pro football player turned comic actor- Terry Crews is undisputed, The Rock is by all accounts a dece hume. Unfortunately he subscribes at least somewhat to librotarian nonsense so he’s (for the time being) disqualified from the top spot.


Am I being overly cynical to think the opportunity to promote his movie via a video they knew would go viral was the primary consideration here?

Yeah, maybe I am. I guess as long as Katie got a kick out of it and was able to have a movie party with her friends that’s all that matters.


Her response is what I’m like when I get to go to Happy Hour early.


Insert “why can’t we have both,” GIF. Heck, it’s a better way of spending 5k in the advertising budget that giving it to Mark Zuckerberg.


I look at it this way. If a celeb can promote their movie by doing something genuinely nice for a fan, that seems like a win-win and is the way promotion should work. Imagine if movie studios spent more of their marketing budget doing positive things instead of just sinking it into the most expensive commercial spots they can afford. No ones thinks twice about the money spent on a superbowl ad. I get that the suspicion here is whether their motives are altruistic. Well, not purely, but they don’t have to be.


That’s what they call a win-win!


Roger that.


Shit, no wonder Jesus chose him to be his favourite disciple and the foundation of his church.


And the way he was there for the scared, tired, hungry immigrants when they arrived in Plymouth?


OK, between this and Southland Tales, I’m totally fucking voting for him for President.




The like was for the Shirley gif. There aren’t enough Shirley gifs in circulation.




Well given that she asked him because she’s a huge fan of his work it would be kind of weird if he bought out a theater so Katie and her friends could see a movie that he DIDN’T play a starring role in. Imagine if he was like “Hey Katie, thanks for being a fan! I’m sending you and your friends some free tickets to Super Troopers 2.


Two movies. Did you notice that he also included a little thing about “I’ll be in Hawaii shooting Jungle Cruise…”

But still, a nice way to do movie promotions.