Here's our first look at the Red Sonja reboot

Comics are often mined for movies because many comics resemble storyboards, already a visual narrative medium. Comics are also drawn to elicit a certain pacing in the reading that translates well to a screenplay. It’s no wonder producers will mine comics and comic adaptations for new movies and series.

It’s also worth repeating that comics as such are a container, not to be confused with the contents. We yankees are so used to comics being only kiddie stuff and superhero serials that it’s like forgetting that not only soda comes in cans, sometimes it’s beer or hard cider or Cuba libres.

Back on topic, I think this adaptation has a good chance, better than the Conan reboot attempts. Fight choreography has advanced for one thing, I don’t think I’ve sen any flynning in modern shows. And producers are aware that shows like this aren’t just for hormonal boys, I hope!


In many of the mentioned cases, I really would like to study them next to classically animated (2D) films. (Which often don’t exist, of course.)

Just started recently, saw four episodes. Haven’t read the comics, though, and I did not hold in mind while watching that the series is an adaptation of a visual medium. Thus, I felt the visuals were overemphasized over the narrative. Which, reconsidering, is probably exactly as intended.

I really liked Lucifer, FTR.

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