Here's the 2017 Carbuncle Cup winner for the UK's ugliest building


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architecturally daring buildings

Um, understatement of the year…


New York to London: Hold my beer…



‘architecturally daring’

I think they meant ‘courageous’ - in the Sir Humphry sense of the word.


I dunno - I kinda like it. Has a bit of a deco vibe.


I like it. And the one in NY, too. The only real architectural crime (style-wise) is reproductions of historic styles.


Toronto to New York and London: Nice try, kiddies.


How about any new construction that’s been thrown up in New York over the past decade?

It’s all ugly, disposible architecture.


I actually think the ROM photographs well (at least from the right angle), even if the inside is a mess and I can’t decide if I like it from the outside.

I don’t like that angle, though.


This award is one of those ‘problem not with the architect’ things.
I’d rather have ugly than boring, but honestly, all the buildings shown in this thread are cool.


Not so much that, more like an obscenely wealthy middle finger raised to one and all with impunity.


At least being shown busily devouring a legacy structure gives it a bit of character.

Not as stylish as the Combine Smart Barriers; but it’s a start.


the walkie talkie (sky garden) is an elephant not a castle with a banger in it’s moth
unlike that the singer-bloody-pore one

foot and note trip… I like the stone work of the nyc federal building


Same, I don’t mind it all that much.


I certainly agree that Nova Victoria isn’t that bad, but the image in the article is fairly flattering.

If one looks on Google Images for a range of angles, it’s easier to get an impression of how it imposes itself into the existing streetscape. It’s not so much ugly as overbearing.


What is this? A committee of ‘judges’ who grant themselves a yearly bigotry award? I suppose they still sneer at Bauhaus as being shockingly modern. Fake neo-classic facades are so much more soothing. Arguably the same type of people as those from the early 20th century, who were shocked by impressionism at the point that they protested exhibitions or who attended performances of Ravel’s Bolero only to boo them down.


Have to admit, though: this one’s a terrible mess and looking at it almost gives me motion sickness.


A dream to some, a nightmare to others!


It’s not ugly at all. Ugly, that’s all the other buildings around it.


I dunno. I think anything’s better than a boring cube.
Personally, I would think no more innovative concept exists than to build down into the ground, so people can enjoy the landscape.
But we know what that might result in…