Here's the scientific reason why hangovers suck and what causes them

Well, the week’s not over yet! :grin:
(Here I thought I was a late bloomer – I didn’t drink myself sick until I was 25. If you really want to go down that path, load up on wine-based pseudoliquor.)


despite frequent bouts of heavy drinking since I was almost 18, I never got a single hangover until I was 25. not sure how that worked, I assume my youth had peaked and I entered true adulthood. I couldn’t grow a beard or even much of any stubble until then, either.


Thanks for confirming. That’s what I’ve suspected. I enjoy the feeling of being 1.5 to 2 sheets to the wind, but I honestly don’t want to totally lose control.


Too right. I’m in Madison and I drank four beers on the way to get beer last weekend. Admittedly, we took the boat to go for the beer, but still.

We joke about it a lot because it’s really a pretty fscked up culture and doesn’t take well to close examination. On the other hand, beer. :beers:


Oddly enough, my tolerance for the sugar content in alcohol is significantly weaker than that for alcohol. I get a sour stomach trying to digest all of it and get sick from that well before my liver expresses any discomfort.
Apparently ‘sugar intolerance’ is a thing


Yeah, we are one of the few states that allow underage drinking in bars as long as you’re with a parent.


Back when I was still pursuing my professional drinking career, the most effective hangover cure, bar none, was:

  1. Immediately upon waking, fill a tall (minimum 8 oz.) glass to the top with crushed ice; pack it down to fit as much as you can

  2. Pour Scotch whisky into the glass, to the top

  3. Sip on that glass until symptoms dissipate

  4. Repeat as needed


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