Here's the trailer for the controversial KLF documentary that the band tried to block

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Seems to be a nice bunch of chaps.


Good thing it’s not up to them. Interesting times make for interesting stories. We can’t just pretend the past just didn’t happen as much as many of us wish we could.


I am trying to… acquire a copy. I love so much of what the KLF did.

I sort of understand their whole, “We did this thing, and we want to leave it at that.”, but critique and archiving the history of art is important. If they are salacious in their presenting, then that is BS. But if it is an honest documentary, then I eagerly look froward to it.

As for the KLF using copyright as a means to prevent release… wow. that is supreme irony given their liberal use of samples and the fact that KLF = Kopyright Liberation Front.


Wait, who? I remember living through the 80’s… mostly remember… okay, there were a lot of drugs going on, so there are some blank spots I admit. But I really don’t recall KLF.


The KLF did a cheap anti-contemporary art publicity stunt and awarded Rachel Whiteread a lot of money for “the worst artist in Britain” award. The anti-turner prize tabloid press loved it. Hypocrite that he is Bill Drumond then went on to make some very weak conceptual art that would have been subject to the same criticism by the tabloids if they had noticed it. The KLF bullied her into accepting the prize money by saying they would destroy it otherwise. Rachel Whiteread responded with class and donated the prize to a housing charity. A shitty thing to do to an artist who’s only crime was to make a piece of art and win a prize for it.


Are you being serious?

If so, let me point you to the song of my people.

This song probably had the most radio play in America.

Followed by this:

But my favorite two are:

Their sorta novelty hit as Thee Timelords

And from that Timelords EP was this gem (though I think it’s on other things) but the instrumental trance masterpiece of What Time is Love.


Okay, I recognize the Tardis song from back in the day. So at least I have that going for me. And I did see the video for Justified and Ancient a while back, but didn’t connect it with the rest of this work. Thanks for sharing, I have stuff to listen to now (once this meeting that’s about to start ends).


Yours and mine both!


This is actually slightly flummoxing and disappointing. I would understand if they’d simply been mum on the subject, but actively blocking it feels so anathema to their whole image.


great rundown, but how can you forget Chill Out? this album remains one of my Desert Island Discs to this day.


I dunno, man. I have Chill Out… and occasionally I am in the mood for it… but I guess in general I like big thumpy beats rather than more chill ones. And when I am in that mood, I usually hit up Underworld.


oh, i get it, it was a departure for them, but it’s just such perfection. i love their big thumpy stuff too. this is not to say i don’t love Underworld – far from that. Underworld also has at least two albums on my DiD list.




There’s footage on YouTube of Cauty and Drummond pouring white paint all over a replica of their Ford Timelord police car and trying to justify why they’re vandalising someone else’s private property.

I used to adore their antics back in the day but now they’re just coming across as cranky old geezers.

Am disappoint…


Curious to know which ones those would be?

(Personally I could probably die happy with only “Juanita / Kiteless / To Dream of Love” off of Second Toughest in the Infants as the only music with me on a desert island.)


I’ve still never heard Chill Out and I refuse to do so until I find it on vinyl. (And yes I still kick myself for not buying it back in the early 90’s when it was readily available.)

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oh you know “Second Toughest” is on the list. and of course “Dubnobasswithmyheadman” is with it. and i deeply love “Beaucoup Fish.”


I know for a lot of bands, when they put out really new stuff, it doesn’t really click, but Underworld’s Barking was really, really good.

Everything Everything is probably my favorite front to back, I wish I could be at a live show!


There are moments on Barking that I love (“Bird 1” comes to mind), but it didn’t really click for me overall.

I did get to see them live once (roughly 2002-ish I think), and they were as good as you’d imagine.

I could wax rhapsodical about all things Underworld nearly endlessly if you give me half a chance…