The KLF's book signing rules of engagement

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Man, if you don’t want to do a signing, don’t.


F’ it, I’m not signing anything.

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I’m just glad it isn’t held at 3AM.


Loved their 1990 & 1991 era. But they belong in the quirky memory book just for this:

K Foundation Burn a Million Quid was an action on 23 August 1994 in which the K Foundation (an art duo consisting of Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty) burned cash in the amount of one million pounds sterling in a disused boathouse on the Ardfin Estate on the Scottish island of Jura.

Just wow.


Fuck I love the KLF.
2nd favorite song


Very excited about this. Western culture needs the JAMs, now more than ever.


That is kind of the point of the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu. They are infamously anti-celebrity. They always warm the curdled milk of my humankindness.


I like that it is unclear if they really burned all of the money. It is part of their trickster appeal, I think.

My favourite stunt of their’s was their Sonic Weapons. Using Saracen Armoured Cars as a chassis was beautifully old school and aesthetically pleasing.

I was tickled by the Spinal Tap style detail that they didn’t spray the crowd at 1992 Brit Awards with sheep blood because, their backing band for the evening, Extreme Noise Terror, were vegans.

@Mister44 a wonderful track; though I have a real soft spot for the delightfully over the top remix.


I have an original 1987 What the Fuck Is Going On (on vinyl, natch) somewhere at home. Never really liked the KLF musically - too dance for me - but have big respect for all the agit-prop work though.

Anyone remember an NME feature where they travelled to Sweden with a journo in a doomed attempt to track down members of Abba, who had legally forced the removal of all Abba samples from the aforementioned 1987 album? It culminated in a photoshoot with a bewildered blonde Swedish lady of the night who vaguely resembled Agnetha, IIRC they gave her a fake platinum disc or something.

(Funny side note - Abba were totally uncool then. Things sure do change)

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You just listed my favorite KLF track :wink: Got it on this weird German 2CD collection of “techno rock”.


Good to see the KLF/JAMs haven’t gotten cuddly or nostalgic, all these years later.

Though my favorite KLF album/track is still Chill Out.

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Still love Justified and Ancient with Tammy Wynette… Doctorin’ The Tardis is a close second…

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I bloody love these nutters. I also thoroughly recommend Bill Drummond’s book, 45. It’s full of stories of some of the shit he (and they) got up to, often seemingly for no reason other than to entertain themselves.

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Don’t forget Piers Morgan called them Pop’s biggest Wallies in the s*n ‘newspaper’, so don’t be like the self-serving phone tapping idiot…

Went to a showing of The K Foundation Burn A Million Quid at The Everyman Theatre in 1995. Very odd experience, the contract they had signed not to discuss any events around the KLF or K Foundation meant the Q & A session afterwards was virtually silent.

Man, I’m feeling old. Our first kid was a baby when "Justified and Ancient " was on the charts - when he was having trouble keeping his eyes open, we would say he was All Bound for Mu Mu Land. He’s 25 now.


They kind of buried the lede: Do not break the law…unless it is essential.

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