Here's the trailer for "The Vast of Night," a 1950s sci-fi thriller on Amazon Prime Video

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You know i think Orson Wells did this once, bout near 80 years ago.


“Even Stranger Things”

Horror films seem to have gotten their groove back and are being released almost faster than I can catch them. I really hope it’s small form sci-fi’s turn now.

edit: I know there’s been always been a select few: Primer, Computer Chess, Under the Skin, etc… that keep the genre afloat.

Remember Midnight Radio?

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Why does the scene going into the high school gym look familiar? I swear I’ve seen something like it in a tense thriller of some sort, but I can’t place it.

It Follows, Stranger Things, Teen Wolf, It’s a Wonderful Life? The list of teen thrillers goes on.

This is not a 1950s thriller because it was not made in the 1950s-it is 1950s-style.



I described this carefully to my SO and she said, “We must have seen that trailer or a similar one at some point. It got more and more tense till the gym reveal, at which point we laughed.”

Usually we fast-forward previews but this must have gotten our attention. Or maybe in a theater?

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