Here's what's in the CDC and FEMA plan to reopen America

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“Models indicate 30-day shelter in place followed by 180 day lifting of all mitigation results in large rebound curve — some level of mitigation will be needed until vaccines or broad community immunity is achieved for recovering communities.”
The document says re-opening communities in this phased approach “will entail a significant risk of resurgence of the virus.”

The plan also says that solutions for “app-based case and contact investigations will be necessary for augmenting the actions of public health workers and for greatly increasing the important role of slowing covid-19 transmission in the community.”
Tech experts and companies such as Google and Apple are developing software that uses cellphones and apps to track people’s movements. Once someone is confirmed as infected with the coronavirus, public health workers could go back and trace people the infected person has come into contact with.


He is going to get us all killed.


It actually does pay to think about how we will gradually reopen things. Suddenly loosening all restrictions will simply restart exponential growth from where it is at that time. We are a LONG way from reopening any place that has had an outbreak, like NYC. But there ARE parts of the country that have seen few cases that may soon be ready for a limited relaxation of the rules, if we have the testing capability to enable contact tracing to quickly shut down any outbreaks that do occur. So think of continued wearing of masks, social distancing, but perhaps a wider variety of stores can open and perhaps things like restauraunts opening at half capacity. Perhaps things like opening schools for 1/5 of the students 1 day a week. That would allow some face to face teaching, but keep the spread down if somebody comes down sick. I can’t see concert venues and large gatherings being a good idea for the foreseeable future, though.


“The first priority, according to the CDC response document, is to “reopen community settings where children are cared for, including K-12 schools, daycares, and locally attended summer camps, to allow the workforce to return to work.”

Comical. Not a chance in hell I’m sending my kids back to school before August, and I don’t know a single parent who feels differently.

What’s even more comical is how unbelievably dense Trump is. He thinks that reopening now will mean that the economy will be humming along nicely by the time we reach the election. In reality, he’ll be dramatically prolonging the economic downturn and killing thousands in the process. He’s just so goddamned stupid.



Note: He has no such power, though he falsely claimed to have ultimate authority.

It may seem strange that Trump claimed ultimate authority after weeks of insisting the states had the responsibility to deal with the various issues, but it struck me that it’s fully consistent with Trump’s behavior - he wants the authority, he doesn’t want the responsibility.

Yes, but every thought-out plan I see has certain requirements, key among them that there be more systemic testing and contact tracing. Trump’s response is to end federal testing entirely, after having fulfilled exactly none of the promises he made about testing.

Don’t be hysterical. Only a few million of us at most - not all of us! Definitely no more than 10 million. Probably.

You know Trump will point to that when asked what the federal government is doing to test and trace contacts, absolving the administration from having to anything at all. He’ll make wild, unsupported claims about what it can do, claim it’s in place long before it’s ready, and wash his hands of any responsibility, while taking credit for it.
The reality is that it’ll be an opt-in system that relies on people self-reporting having covid-19. Even if it works, it won’t work all that well.

@Brainspore “I order you to think about it!”



Tailoring the program sounds reasonable on the face of it, it’s what Italian authorities tried to do when they relaxed restricrions…

And the result was a whole lot of infected people leaving the area they had been confined to, and spreading the virus to new areas.


in a weird freakish way, I’m almost glad this particular thing has come up. Because this goes to the heart of bad governance. When authority exceeds responsibilty, you get a sitiation that’s universally recognized throughout the ages as tyranny.


So basically, with great power should come great responsibility, but nobody actually buys that garbage anymore. The fact that you have the power to lie, cheat, steal, and murder means you have the right to lie, cheat, steal, and murder.


Not just the right, but the obligation to lie, cheat, steal and murder. Anything else is a failure to live up to that responsibility.


Trump: “Hey States! I have Absolute Authority Here! YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!”

Governors: " did you hear something? No? I thought I heard something, oh well where were we? "

Trump: “That’s right, WALK AWAY! Go ahead and WALK AWAY!”


This is going to be a big concern in rural areas. Those areas @simonize referred to as not hard hit can’t be reopened first, because to a large extent they will be getting a later peak than concentrated areas.


Whatever the CDC and FEMA come up with, Jared Kushner will be there with “I have all this data about reopening. I’m doing my own projections, and I’ve gotten a lot smarter about this. We don’t need to be so cautious.”


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I’ll admit I haven’t read the thing myself, but it certainly sounds like this document has all the hallmarks of a last-minute 4th grade book report.


My greatest fear is that regardless of whether the country is reopened, regardless of how much COVID19 ravishes our population, regardless of the actual results of the election, this son of a bitch has no intention of ever leaving the Oval Office. The USA has shut down for good, trumplandia is open for greed.


Based on this:

It’s actually surprisingly sound. He probably won’t follow it, but it seems to take into account current models of how scientists think this will play out.

Also, the TL;DR of the link is that we’re fucked no matter what we do.