Heritage illustration art auction loaded with A-list artists

Heritage Auctions is having another one of its fabulous illustration art auctions. In addition to work by great artists like Gil Elvgren, Norman Rockwell, Alberto Vargas, and Frank Kelly Freas, there are oddball pieces like this one: Safety First, by Robert A Heuel II. Opening bid is $1! READ THE REST

An interesting broad-spectrum shotgunning. I wish I had the dough for one of Berkey’s SF covers - it wasn’t any great shakes as a novel, I suppose, but the lively and pulpy “Secret of the Sunless World”, by one C. C. MacApp, (a nom-de-plume for the, sadly, little remembered Carroll M. Capps) was a boyhood treasure of mine, I still have that paperback. Better check between the cushions, I guess, one never knows.

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