Herring Wars: Attack of the Faroe Islands


You can pry my herring from my cold, pickled hands.

Dammit Denmark. First Hans Island, now this. Keep it up and Canada’s going to invade.

The article mentions the annual Faroe Islands quota but not Denmark, one would believe both would be grouped together, so what’s up with that?

Anyway, this paragraph captures the stark difference between ink on paper and messy reality:

Last year, a third of herring landings occur as secondary catch in the
mackerel fishery. This creates a new problem since all catches count
towards their respective quotas. It is impossible for fishers to
target everything but herring if the herring quota has been met, This
is precisely what happened last year, when, according to Hoydal, the
herring quota was met while the mackerel season was still under way.
Those mackerel fishermen who did not have a herring allotment to
offset their bycatch, were effectively shut down for the remainder of
the season.

Shooting off on another direction altogether, one night I did a little internet fantasy trip around the Faroes with Google Earth and Street View, also checking out the sights and hotels in Torshavn, it feels like The Village in ‘The Prisioner’ without the sinister narrative, an isolated little First World haven where the Gulf Stream influence keeps the climate chilly but never truly cold.

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