Hey wow @ this FOSS Android camera



<5MB installed, and the only thing I noticed missing from the feature list is panorama and photosphere. And maybe time lapse.


Looks pretty nice - I can’t figure out if it’ll work with a USB microscope on an OTG cable, though. :frowning:


Suck it and see.


Oh, I will!

I have a Nexus 7 (which I made out of two broken ones), and OTG hub, and a USB microscope @frauenfelder recommended…


Does it work?


No, unfortunately it doesn’t recognize the USB camera in the microscope, it’s only allowing me to select the built-in cameras. :frowning:


I have a similar problem with my android head unit. No camera apps work with the front / rear cameras.


Maybe there’s a workaround you can find at XDA?


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