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I have had to use this more than once when I get sent some low res logo for a business card or other item. Over half the time it is some car dealership, but even entities from an actual fortune 500 company send in stuff with out the actual vector based logos! These people should have professional brand guides they can send in.

Another trick I learned, is too look for PDFs from the company, yearly reports, sales sheets, or other pamphlets they might have in their resource section. It doesn’t work every time, because some times they are poor at branding those things, but I have had decent lucky pulling the art I need from a 50 page year-end report.


I have found this site useful, often having multiple iterations of logos…


Before I retired, I too used the PDF trick. I’m pretty sure I came up with it on my own (as you probably did). Of course, I was self-taught as a designer.

Do you know of a set of tutorials for everyday tricks like this? So many people are publishers these days! If not, maybe I should create some.


Y’all are triggering my PTSD - trying to explain to clients why their 400 x 200 pixel jpeg will not fucking work - argh no no I can’t even


Modern operating systems and web browsers are now resolution-independent and use vector graphics for many displayed items. It seems hard find artwork in open source vector formats; maybe we need a google vector image search to find all the vector images that are put out on websites.

Did you ever get the actual .AI file, but helpfully imbedded into a word document? (note: word files lock artwork so it can’t be ‘stolen’ by whomever you send a file to.) The other one I got more than once: Client wants assurance that we will print their logo absolutely perfectly. Us: Do you have a vector file? Client: Yes but our design department said we are not allowed to send it out of company.


Not an AI file, but other files, yes. EPS files send not knowing what was on them because they can’t read EPS files. Insisting RGB files are what they wanted to use, then complaining the colors are off, after I told them the colors will probably be off. Font issues, especially with companies that get their own bespoke version of a font.

I obsess about getting vector based when possible, even though high res raster usually will be ok.

Not really, I usually ask co-workers or google something if I need to learn something. There are lots of things on youtube. Adobe has a QA forum that can be helpful (or at least find out there are others who want to do what you want to do, and the software does not do that - yet).

Lynda.com I think is now part of linkedin and I have access via work and there are a lot of training videos there as well.

Speaking of logos, there was some hoopla last month because SiriusXM was introducing their new logo.

My app finally updated with the new logo yesterday.

It looks like a sports team logo, I bet they paid millions for the redesign.


Man, that’s terrible. It looks like Patrick Star is being throttled to death by a sea serpent.

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