High school football coach bit heads of live frogs for good luck


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Psychoactive Toads ?


Is that why they called him “Froggy”?


Oh, Florida.


Yes, for good luck. That’s the ticket. Definitely not in order to gain their powers and absorb their life force.




Trust me: if my coach had bitten the head off a live frog I’d become a “real go-getter” too. I’d break the speed of sound getting the hell away from him.


I think he was trying to imply their losing season was because he couldn’t bite the heads off frogs anymore, but I bet it’s because the other teams in his conference one-upped him by having their coaches bite the heads off snakes and rats and baby gators.


Courtesy of Bloom County:


Oh Froggy!


Case in point: High school sports are bullshit wastes of time, resources, and frogs.

And educational dollars, yo.


If it takes you biting the heads off of frogs for your team to win, you’re not bringing much coaching are you?


Where exactly does a frog’s head end and a frog’s body begin? They don’t have necks, do they?


This man wanted to save football’s reputation by being allowed to continue biting heads off live frogs.


Well yeah.

I did not see that coming.


What a goddam psycho, I hope a horribly ironic fate featuring amphibians and their spawn befalls him.


That is if it hasn’t happened already.


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