Highland steer groomed

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What else would you name a highland steer?


There’s a small herd of highland cattle near my Mum’s house (in West Cornwall, far from their homeland) - they manage to be both beautiful with that long coat, and terrifying with those enormous horns. I’m sure they’re fine - but…


Biggest dang dog I ever seen.


Admittedly a different video.


Years ago I was staying at a rental house that had peacocks, homing pigeons and highland cows on the property. They liked my wife and she could pet them, but they would whip their heads (and horns!) back and forth whenever I went near them.


Highland steer

I believe you mean hairy coo.


Yeah peacocks can be vicious, but their horns aren’t that dangerous.


To be fair, I would watch a hundred videos of Hamish being groomed. Or the same one a hundred times. I would subscribe to The Hamish Channel on basic cable.


In this footage, a highland steer named Hamish …, that everyone calls them all cows even though they ain’t

Every Scots man or woman I have ever heard speak of them calls them a “Heilan’ Coo” and one man with an American accent says they are “steers” and “Highland cow” is wrong. Yeah, good luck with that…


The difference is that Hamish is not a cow he is a castrated bull.

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That’s a nice relaxing video…ya cow, bull, steer, there’s no distinction now, people around here have given up that fight :slight_smile:
EDIT: bonus elk trap hanging from tree, behind and to the right of Hamish

Ah, but you see, he may not be a “cow”, but he’s definitely a coo. E’en bulls are coos, ye ken?


Except when it’s ajar.

Well I invite you to have that debate with any of the Scots natives in a pub on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow on a Saturday night. Do let us know how you got on. :slight_smile:

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A farmer in the Highlands would see a bullock.
Someone in a Sauchiehall pub is less likely to know one end of a cow from the other.

Which is the point the farmer was making.
One is standing outside the field, the other is outstanding in his field.

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Fer fuchs sake… Are all highland steers named Hamish?

Seriously, worked as a guide and every “farm experience” tourist trap had a big old steer named Hamish for photo ops.

Well… what else would you call them? Angus wouldn’t work…

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