Highlander II was set in 2024

Oh! Ok. Well that makes so much less sense.


Here is a nice article listing some of the reasoning for the casting:

The show kind of made it’s own continuity out of the first film. In it, Conner McCloud vs Kurgen wasn’t actually the final prize. It was just those handfull of immortals had gotten so powerful they had their own little culling between each other. The later movie you mention actually brought back Lambert as Conner alongside Paul.

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There can be only one.


From that article:

As long as you had your shit together, and you weren’t a woman who needed a beating for reasons, Connery was a real “gentleman.”

I had a brief glimmer of interest when the article mentioned the upcoming reboot. A Connery-free Highlander could be a good thing. Then I looked it up and saw that Henry Cavill is leading the project. :grimacing: I guess he doesn’t outright advocate for violence against women, so…progress? I think I’ll pass.




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Set your watches to Zeist time

OK, to CET then?

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