Highlander II was set in 2024

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That’s not the only dystopian sci-fi movie set this year…

ETA also this one, though I confess I haven’t seen it.


I don’t have a clue what movie this post is referring to. There never was a Highlander II. They went straight to Highlander III for some reason. It’s not a great movie, but it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.


On the plus side


This excellent Deep Space Nine two-parter was also largely set in 2024. It predicts that major U.S. cities will have large closed-off areas where the poor, homeless, and mentally ill will be interned to get them out of sight. Wild, huh?


This is based on a Harlan Ellison short story. I took my wife to see it as a first run movie; she had no idea of the storyline. The last scene created a stunned silence in the audience except for my wife (I don’t think most of them had read the story). She burst into laughter. That’s my girl!


I read somewhere that Ellison himself hated that they ended the movie on a terrible “dad joke.”


But only one got 2024 right…


@arteitle Jinx!!!

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As good and prolific a writer as he was, he was also a mercurial prick. He was one of my favorite writers despite his reputation.


Oh. I thought it was special that I owned Russell Mulcahy’s “Renegade” cut of the movie. What other illusions am I captive to? :thinking:


Zeist, the source of all lemon freshness in the Universe!


2024 is so much fun.

I wonder about 2033, though. It sounds rough.


Man I haven’t seen that movie since the 90s. It wasn’t great, but I should re-watch it just for some of the bonkers scenes in it.

What movie? Everyone knows that there was no Highlander II…


Here are some scenes that suggest “so bad it’s good” without quite getting there.

Yes, but while those scenes are terrible and make no sense, the rest of the movie is substantially worse and somehow makes even less sense. There might be a single scene or two that are so bad they’re good, but they’re within a movie that’s just really bad. I’ve seen movies that weren’t consistent and I’ve seen movies that contradicted earlier films in the series but I’ve never seen a movie that was so egregious at both, simultaneously.

I could almost believe that my memories of the film were some sort of terrible fever dream, but my fever dreams tend to be more interesting.


Agreed. My first thought was “Why are they talking about a movie that was never made? NEVER MADE DAMMIT, IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!”

Sorry, I don’t know what came over me :joy:


My mom and I had a ritual of watching MASH and Highlander: The Series during dinner on weekdays. The Series was my first entry into the Highlander universe, and I was happy to learn that there were some fun and campy movies with a (Scottish?) Christopher Lambert and (Spanish?!) Sean Connery to enjoy as well, in Highlander and the curiously-named Highlander III. I haven’t really kept up with the franchise since then, but I’m pretty sure there was a cartoon show and that Adrien Paul even made the jump to the big screen. Or direct-to-video? I’ll have to go check it out sometime.

The moral of the story is, my mom had a huge crush on both Alan Alda and Adrian Paul and there was no Highlander II.


??? but it isnt;

and the 1980-90s fear of a decaying ozone-layer had actually nothing to do with climate change, but heavy uv-radiation which could destroy for instance crops hence negative impact on food production.

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yes, @Mindysan33 told us about this particular two-parter for the last 12 damn months at every possible opportunity :crazy_face:

e/ ah, qed;

e/ oh, you godda be kiddin me, just saw mindysans new avatar… :grin:

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He was Egyptian. He only worked for the King of Spain. :smiley: